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This is the general menu – and we are always running specials as well. Stop by or call for weekly updates.

Seasoned ricotta – traditional, fresh basil and cheese
Truffled mushroom – “a local favorite”
Roasted artichoke heart – oven roasted golden brown and folded into the ricotta
Sauteed spinach and ricotta – organic spinach from Mighty Food Farm
Lobster – with lemon and fresh dill

Angel hair (capellini) – perfect for scampi or Rustic Tomato Sauce
Rigatini – perfect for hot soup or a hearty sauce
Pappardelle – wide noodle, different flavors each week
Gluten free fettuccine on Fridays
Gluten free ravioli upon request. Three dozen minimum order. They freeze very well.

Current specials:
Gnocchi – handmade with potato and Parmesan.
Fettuccine – wants to marry with Alfredo
Pasticcio di pasta – baked layers of pasta, goat cheese, sauteed organic spinach, and roasted red bell peppers, topped with seasoned bread crumbs.

Rustic Tomato (rustico)
Spicy Tomato (fra diavolo) – Word on the street is “It’s pretty spicy”
Alfredo – made the traditional way
Basil and olive oil
Basil cream sauce – perfect with everything.

Maple Brook fresh mozzarella – made right here in North Bennington
Grated imported pecorino Romano – excellent sheep’s milk grating cheese

Pizzelles – vanilla flavored Italian wafer cookies. Chef Scott’s family recipe.
Biscotti by Paper, Cake Scissors – Anise and almond, perfect for an after dinner treat.

We also carry other great products at the pasta shop:

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